Navisafe light cannot be turned onTo turn on the light, please press and hold switch for three seconds. This is to avoid that the light is switched on accidentally
Navisafe light does not work after changing batteriesMake sure that the batteries have been placed correctly, there is an image at the bottom of the battery cage indicating which way to place them.
Be sure to press and hold the switch for three seconds when testing the new batteries.
I cannot unscrew the light to put in batteries, is there a trick to this?The lights are waterproof, and may therefore sometimes be tightened well. You will have to use some force to unscrew them.
My Navisafe light does not fit in the mount I have purchased, do I need to modify it?There is no modification necessary for lights and mounts. If they do not fit each other, you have the wrong match and have to replace one of them. On you can see all the different mounting and footing varieties. Contact us or the place where you bought the lights if you cannot work it out.
Can I use rechargeable batteries in my Navisafe Lights?You may use regular or rechargeable batteries for the Glowtubes, but not for the lights. Rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage (1,2 V) than regular ones (1,5 V), and the USCG 2NM approval is only valid with regular batteries.
How do I change batteries in my Navilight?Separate the transparent top (with the led lights) from the black bottom housing by unscrewing it. The batteries are placed under the light section. Use three AAA batteries. When screwing the parts together again, make sure they are tight enough to be waterproof again.
What is the warranty policy of Navisafe?Warranties are handled by the distribution network, and we follow their rules and/or the rules of each country. For warranty questions, please contact the dealership where you bought the product. If this is not possible, please contact us at